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in our own cause:

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." (???)
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"Make our Planet great again" (!!!)
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Every Detectororder* will be delivered with an additional LED lightbulb.

If you still use old fashioned light bulbs please test these as the emitted light has become really great the last years, the energy rating is A+ instead of G, the average life time is apprroximately 25000h instead of 2000hrs and the pricing has become really great.

If you alread use low power light sources, take this as a gift.

But to all of you : Please think about your air conditioners, old fridges, the next drive to a nearby supermarket and even if this page needed to be printed. Think GREEN, not in "Stars and Stripes". Because this is in OUR own cause


So to say: Take this Bulb and make us pay for it

Hopefully someone will get enlightened


*For safety reasons this offer only applies to countries using main voltages 200-230V with 50HZ, see map below. This can be ended without any further notice, all orders placed while running will be fulfilled.


Technical data: Efficency class A+, consumption 9W (replaces old 60 Watts light bulb), Socket E27, color telperature 2700K (warm white), light output 89 lm/W, not dimmable, average life time 25000 hrs. 15000 switching cycles, lumes maintanance EOL >80%, mercury contents 0,0%, size 60x112mm


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Product no.: CE40104

Heterodyne, frequency division and dual bat detector including real time data, time expansion and audio recording to micro SD card, 15-130kHz

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