micro duo - CDB305 R4

micro duo - CDB305 R4

Product no.: CE30504

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micro duo - CDB305 R4
micro duo - CDB305 R4
micro duo - CDB305 R4
micro duo - CDB305 R4
micro duo - CDB305 R4
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micro duo

Our small dual detector shows new ways with the amplitude retaining frequency division.

All features of the BATz 2.0 apply*, additionally the micro duo gives you:

A frequency division detector working with a combination of standard detector and software to harmonise the audio output.

The division factor is 1:10. An original signal at 45kHz will be played at 4,5kHz. Our software calculates the values between the ticks to reproduce a harmonic signal which makes using headphones with FD much more pleasant.

As soon as the detector reads a signal the display will show it's frequency. You can now use the quick HD function to switch to a limited HD mode (+/-2,5kHz) that is set to the scanned frequency.

* The only difference to the specifications of the BATz 2.0 ist the minimum voltage of the detector. The micro duo needs a minimum of 7,2 volts.

You can find accessories like headphones and batteries on the bottom of this side or in the category Accessories.


Technical data  
Name micro duo
Partnumber CE30504
Display LED display red
Controls 4x precision push buttons (OnOff / Rec / + / -)
  1x Thumbwheel (Frequency)
Receiver Electret measurement microphone
Principle 1 Heterodyne
  Frequency range 1 18 - 130 kHz
  Bandwidth 1 10 kHz (+/- 5 kHz)
  Internal recording 1 44,1kHz sample rate 8 Bit
  Memory 1 1 Mbit Sram / 3 seconds
Principle 2 Frequency division
  Division factor 1:10
  Amplitude retaining yes
  Frequency range 2 18-80 kHz (bat calls), stronger signals -130 kHz
  Bandwidth 2 0-13 kHz
Speaker 2x 0,5 watts microspeakers
Connectors 3,5mm stereo jack headphones
Power supply 9 volts battery
Voltage min 7,2 volts, max 12 volts
Power consumption Average 35-40mA, max 45mA
Dimensions (B x H x T) 79 x 118 x 24 mm
Weight without battery 142 g
Included in delivery Detector
  Brief instructions (Full instruction booklet can be downloaded here)






















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Brief manual Download
Instruction manual Download


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3.50 € *
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